I’ve created a blog!

You’ll see below my first official post, which seems a little overwrought reading it now, but I did write it on a plane, where people drink tomato juice by choice.

I still stand by what I wrote, though, and maybe feel it even more strongly than I did a month ago. So I posted it here.

What I truly want out of this blog is what I feel like I accomplished to a very small degree on my old blog (which is now defunct). For a brief period, I wrote about my feelings and experiences in the immediate aftermath of a breakup. I had been with my boyfriend for almost six years, so I grieved for a long time. I wrote about my grief, my growing sense of freedom, and my renewed happiness — even while in the throes of deep emotional pain.

It was very self-indulgent, and this blog will be too. But now, years later, it’s so meaningful to me to go back and read those posts, to remind myself that I survived, and I could do it again. It also means more than anything to hear from friends who read those posts and found inspiration, strength, or comfort in my words.

So that’s what I want to do with this blog: record my days, thoughts, and feelings — good and bad — in the hope that they’ll resonate with someone, even if that someone is just me, 5 years from now.

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