2017 shit I did

I didn’t accomplish many (if any at all?) major goals in 2017, but I did accomplish my ONE resolution: attend an Oilers game at Rogers Place in Edmonton. So really, does anything else even matter?

Even so, here are some of the year’s personal highs!



Visiting Piper in Newfoundland. Halfway through our inaugural Shut Yer Five Hole season, Piper and I finally met IRL. It was such a magical weekend of iceberg beer, poutine, hockey, escape rooms, cod-kissing, and sisterly bonding. I’m so grateful that this girl forced her way into my life; she’s one of the kindest, most supportive, and unconditionally loving people I’ve ever met; I’m so happy I was able to visit her on this frozen rock in the middle of the Atlantic!


Hockey With Sin Sisters. The spring was a time of hockey and reunions, and I couldn’t have been happier to see my sisters Becca and Diva for back to back Oilers games in Anaheim and LA! Not only did Becca see her first home win (Go Kings Go), but I dragged her to a Kings practice in El Segundo, which was a first for me too! I have a blast every time I see these nerds, so I’m feelin’ pretty blessed to have met up with them for so much hockey and hugs in 2017.


The Museum of Ice Cream. I made a new bestie in my coworker Rocío this year, and we had the happiest bonding experience at an Instagrammer’s wet dream: the sold out Museum of Ice Cream! We bathed in plastic rainbow sprinkles, sampled ice cream, and had stupid grins on our faces the whole time. Worth every fuckin’ penny, and reminded me that LA is sometimes good, actually.


San Diego Road trip with Tom. At my dad’s recommendation, Tom and I drove down to the Birch Aquarium to check out a bunch of creepy underwater creatures and depressing exhibits on global warming! Looking at all those water boys got me craving fish and chips, so we hit up La Jolla (which I pronounced wrong and Tom didn’t tell me, asshole) for some lunch and a walk by the water. It was honestly one of my favorite weekends in the whole year!


Edmonton Pilgrimage. This was pretty much the perfect trip. I crossed off the one item in my 2017 to-do list (a game at Rogers Place! The dream!) and got to spend time with some of my fave humans in the whole goddamn world. Highlights include Canadian Thanksgiving with my now extended family (thanks Sam and Blair for unofficially adopting me), meeting my long-distance bestie Cait at long last, attending a closed Oilers practice and chatting with Gene Principe, reuniting with an old friend, and watching hours of Forged in Fire with Sam and Blair. Words can’t express how much this trip meant to me; it was a turning point in the year for me, and I realized what I wanted to prioritize in life going forward.


Christmas in Missoula. The year ended on a truly high note in Montana, where I spent a few days letting my soul recuperate from the big city grind. It was so nice to be in a place that felt wholly safe, where I felt utterly cared for and loved, and where I could just relax and not worry about everything that goes with living alone in Los Angeles. I did a lot of soul searching in Missoula, and I felt light and rejuvenated going into 2018.

I can’t wait to start anew this year, and I’ll probs be posting in the next few days with some of my hopes and dreams for 2018! Love each and every one of you, and I’m sending out my best vibes for a wonderful year for us all.


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