I know we all say it constantly on Twitter, but can something be done about capitalism? Man. It’s wild to me that we as a society are expected to have emotional investment in our jobs beyond “I feel good that I will receive a paycheck from this.”

Who said we’re supposed to love our jobs? Who decided a dream job was a thing? None of us would be at our jobs if it wasn’t necessary in order to live. We’d be vibing. Or we’d be doing something worthwhile, like exploring the galaxy and eating calorie-free chocolate sundaes on the Enterprise.

When someone mistakenly assumes that I care about and have deep opinions about my work? Or even ideas about how to improve the work itself? Who do you think you’re speaking to? As if I spend my time at work thinking anything other than “here’s what I have to do, and now I will do it, and then I will sign off and forget this place exists.”

Disclaimer, my job right now is fine (despite the fact that it gave me a literal nervous breakdown last September lol). I’ve had worse jobs, my coworkers are great, and it’s fine. What gets my goat is the culture of work in general, the people who ruin it for the rest of us. Some people love working and think about work on weekends and like, actually really care about it. Please do not confuse me with them. I resent that I must live in a world where those people exist. I’m literally just trying to live my life and be happy, and my job is a footnote in a very small font size.

This isn’t even taking into account the panorama.

I’m struggling to get through each day alive and someone thinks my brain is active? There are two cells in there. Two cells, bonking against each other and pinging off the sides of my skull in an otherwise empty vastness. I have no input. I have no notes. I would not like to speak up in the meeting. I’m on the max dose of SSRIs, Brenda. I haven’t known rest since 2019. I had three headache-free days in 2020. I don’t know the answer to your question.

You know?

One thought on “w*rk

  1. I FEEL THIS. My job is also a tiny footnote in my very otherwise fulfilling life. I think as women you are expected to either be a mother or a ‘career woman,’ and I am neither, so sometimes it weirds people out, but I am haaaaappy.


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