friday blues

The neck saga continues. I was feeling marginally better each day this week, but today has been a little bit of a backslide. I’m chalking it up to “healing isn’t linear” or whatever inspirational quote I always see on instagram, but it’s still discouraging to feel like shit again. This is going to be a long process and I’m not excited about having symptoms for another few weeks.

The mornings start out fine — I don’t wake up with a migraine anymore, which is great. But then as the day wears on, my neck starts to feel stiffer, and then comes the migraine/nausea combo. I wish I could stay positive, but as soon as the pain returns I spiral into a horrible mood and everything becomes a million times more difficult and upsetting. Work feels nearly impossible when I’m feeling like this.

I keep thinking of all these fun things Adam and I could do over the weekend, but it’s all dependent on whether I’m physically able. The thought of spending another weekend inside in bed watching TV is making me feel so low, and I’m so tired of crying.

I can’t really express how mentally draining this whole thing has been without sounding pathetic. Hoping this pain will continue to gradually ease, and that I’ll be back to normal functionality soon.

This is a very depressing blog post, but whatever. I needed to vent and I like being open online — there’s a satisfaction that comes with being known, but not having to interact with anyone on an individual level. Also my mom reads this, so hi Mom.

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