wowee I’m publishing a book

Hello friends and strangers, family, and those who don’t know how they got here. It’s been a while! For some, I realize it hasn’t — you just found me. But for others, you might have forgotten this blog existed. I sure did.

So, welcome back! Or, welcome!

I’m so excited to be back here, regurgitating my thoughts and engaging with the void of the internet via this little website. I return on the wings of glory and good news, for I bring with me an announcement: I’m publishing a book this fall!


You heard me. I will be self-publishing a dark fantasy novel called DESTROYER. It’s the first in a duology. No, it is not affiliated with the identically named brunch joint in Culver City, CA (although I wish it was). YES, it is romantic. As if I’d write a book without romance!

Relatedly, I do need to point out one very important fact — this is the very first book I’ve written that contains spice. Yes… that means none of my family members or people who know me in real life are allowed to read it. I don’t make the rules.

While I’ll be kicking off DESTROYER’s marketing madness pretty soon here, including its cover (which you’ll fucking love), release date, and more, I would love to share a few things about the book with you.

DESTROYER is the story of two people who come together seemingly by chance, but who have more in common than they can possibly understand. It’s about a woman looking for meaning in a chaotic world, a place in a life that won’t accept her exactly as she is. (She’s academic, she’s sharp, she’s anxiety-ridden, and she just wants the scientific world to take her seriously, damn it!) It’s about the man who shakes up her world in the most unexpected ways. It’s about an artifact that could destroy the world. It’s not about good and evil, but that grey space in between. It’s a story about fate, love, religion, magic… and kissing.

I hope you like it.

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